Digital Marketing


  • We provide digital marketing services to help clients cope with the vast jungle of technologies and platforms out there. Google and facebook provide tools which they deem “easy to use” but in reality makes it easy to make a bad investment.

    No doubt a low barrier to entry unlike TV ads for example and is way cheaper but the underlying issue is clients with no prior marketing skills fall into the trap of doing it on their own from listening to success stories.

  • Getting knowledge from companies who have experience in this field could guide you along to avoid all the pitfalls, wasting time and money. Statera Marketing provides the services to help small to medium business and startups get the most out of their advertising pounds and dollars.

    We provide a complete package based around marketing which helps us to create graphics and web designs to meet the consumer's’ needs. When it comes to investing in paid advertising the platform would have already been prepared from the start.



Google's pay per click campaigns help you reach customers who are actively searching for your business.


Facebooks cost per click campaign help you target customers through their like and insterests with engaging images.

Public Relations

Use public relation platforms to stay relevant and keep the public informed through press releases and news.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still considered the best form of marketing when your goal is direct sales.

Qualifications and Experience

Advanced Diploma In Digital Marketing

During college where i studies business i decided to dive deeper into the marketing aspect and has worked with a few small business clients as a freelancer. Taking this course added to my marketing knowledge and introduced me to some key concepts and elaborated on concepts i already understood.

Diploma In Digital Marketing

Going through the keyword research and ad campaign process is an exhilarating adventure for the team and I. We’ve practiced most kinds of digital marketing and thought we should enroll to get a better overview on the subject and everything we’ve learned has been enriching our clients businesses till this day.

Best Brand Practices Via Facebooks Blueprint Program

We’ve partnered with TMSandals and our objective were to build online trust, awareness and sales. After thoroughly researching the market and understanding the brand we decided to focus on creating facebook ads. This involved generating user engagement which is critical to Facebook’s algorithm. Our graphics and photos had to be on point in order for the campaigns to have been successful. Good times, Happy clients!


WI Shuttle St. Lucia is our favourite client to date. We were contracted to create the logo and website with being unique in mind. After months of research and development it was finally finished. Right away we were approached to execute the marketing initiatives. Using google ads and facebook we were able to make this new website stand amongst the already established players in the taxi realm.