Designing For The Web


  • Web design is our core service at Statera Marketing. We begin the initial process by getting to know you better, whether via a meeting or consultation. This is vital in the process as we get the opportunity to discuss your vision, listen to your ideas and plan a successful future for your newly found website. Together with our passion, creativity and expertise, we will ensure that your vision comes through and your goals are met.

    Functionality and usability is key, as this is the driving force behind conversions. Web design not only focuses on the design process but rather encompasses typography, graphics, colours, iconography, user experience and much more.

    At Statera Marketing, we practice three stages to execute a successful project. Our process involves researching, planning and sketching ideas.

  • We then present an interactive sketch via Marvel, fully opened to discussions, feedback and revision.Following up this stage, we finalise the concept and begin development.
    Our ecommerce sites come with an easy to use content management system (CMS or back -end) where any computer literate employee or yourself can add inventory, add information and check for messages effortlessly for anywhere.

    Responsive web design should be considered for all projects due to the reality that there are hundreds of different screen sizes being used by your customers. This is now expected by your users due to most sites having made the transfer. A responsive web design is not just for being fancy where as it is for boost user experience and engagement with your site which is crucial for conversions.



HTML5 is the last version of HTML which is used to create web site mark ups and with the latest edition, games and browser friendly sites.


CSS3 is the third edition of CSS which is used to alter the look and feel of a website with the latest we can provide animations and transformations.


We use PHP as our primary server side scripting language to communicate with a database and create dynamic smart web sites.


Adding javascript to any site greatly improves user experience. Javascript is the language of the web and opens any project to a world of opportunities.

Qualifications and Experience

Diploma In Web Development

We don’t 100% believe that a piece of paper can deduce creativity, passion and excellent customer service but it proves that we don’t think we know it all and continue to learn new technologies that helps our clients stay up to date.

4.5 Years Experience

We've been creating sites for over 4 years now and has seen the ins and outs of clients from small businesses to medium sized businesses and start ups. We've foud that most clients need help with marketing and getting the site out the door and for that we provide marketing too.